Health Practice Administration and Management - Master Class (CPD 12) 

This course forms the 1st part of the "Medical Entrepreneurship Program" 


Target Audience

Healthcare Practitioners

Style: Full Immersion & Interactive           Days:  2 consecutive days or 2 single days at different times 

Brief Description

This immersive learning program provides the healthcare practitioner with the required high-level knowledge of the management and the administrative side of operating a health practice. This is a fast and high-level journey through the course content and training done for health practice administrators and managers. The course will equip health practitioners with knowledge of the work methodology, workflows and tasks that the administrator and manager are responsible for. The course will also equip health practitioners to make more informed decisions about the type and quality of employee he/she should be looking for and the willingness to invest in the development of suitable candidates.


Course Content

This Master Class covers the following areas

  • Fundamentals of Health Practice Administration: Here we cover basic office management which includes communication and office etiquette, record management, confidentiality and patient rights. Planning and goal setting looks at billing and revenue collection, debt management and reporting. We also cover systematization and medico-legal basics.


  • Management of a Health Practice: Here we look at the fundamentals of management such as operational structure along with goal setting, implementation and monitoring, how to conduct meetings and basic stock management, performance management, measuring health practice performance, the structure of the health industry and the role of a health practice in that structure

  • Business Operations of a Health Practice: The ideal business structure along with the advantages and disadvantages of the various business forms are covered. We set the stage for growing a health business practice by considering the ideal business model canvas and the seven different stages of growth. We then wrap up with financial management and the leadership role you play in the development of your practice.


Duration: This is a two day course (with 14 - 16 hours of interaction).

This program can also be done as 2 separate one day events.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Master-Class the practitioner will be equipped with knowledge of the basics of health practice administration. The practitioner will be able to guide practice staff on how the practice can perform better and provide the necessary leadership towards a total practice performance improvement

Program Fee:   R4, 800

The program will be run over 2 consecutive days in select areas and times, based on the demand from any given area.

Alternately we could run 2 single day events about a month apart.

Keep an eye on our upcoming events page or send us a mail with your request. You can select a program based on your needs.

The program fees include study material and the templates required.

Refreshments: Teas, coffees, biscuits and water will be provided.

*Lunch and / or dinners can be arranged but will be subject to availability and will be charged for over and above the program fee.

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