Technology - a Deterrent or an Enabler of Medical Scheme Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Target Audience (Multidisciplinary)

Health Practitioners


Style: Immersive & Interactive          TimeBreakfast  or  evening functions  

Target Audience

Health Practitioner

Practice Manager/Claims Administrator


Brief Description

This talk empowers the health practitioner with knowledge of the role of technology in the health practice and the business processes that need to be followed to ensure compliance in terms of claiming, coding and claim values.



The majority of medical schemes fraud allegations stem from processes that were followed or not followed in the interaction between the practice and the scheme administrators, mostly in the process of claiming for services rendered. This lecture describes the various technological touch points in the process of generating a claim that ultimately gets submitted to the schemes. The lecture enlightens and empowers the practice on technological measures to take to risk proof the practice against medical scheme fraud.



3 Hours


Learning Outcomes

The practitioner and the practice will be able to scrutinize various technologies that will enhance practice performance and reduce risks of medical scheme fraud.

Program Fee:   R1, 050 


The short program is run as a breakfast or evening workshop in select areas and times based on demand from any given area.

Keep an eye out in our upcoming events page or send us a mail with your request.

The program fees include teas, coffees and biscuits.

Refreshments, breakfast, lunch, dinners and finger lunch or dinners can be arranged but will be charged over and above the program fee

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