Strategy and the Business Development of a Health Practice - Master Class (CPD 12)

This course forms the 2nd part of the "Medical Entrepreneurship Program"

Target Audience (Multidisciplinary)

Health Practitioners & Practice Support Staff 


Style: Full Immersion & Interactive          Days:  2 consecutive days or 2 single days at different times 

Brief Description

This high impact two day workshop covers six topics aimed to accelerate your understanding of the industry environment and business strategy. It will also provide you with practical knowledge, frameworks and tools for planning and developing your practice into a structured business. It provides an approach to structure and manage your practice in such a way that growth can be achieved and performance of the practice against set targets can be monitored on a continuous basis.


Course Overview 

This Master Class covers the following areas

Day 1: Understanding the Big Picture

Session One: Understanding the Health Industry Landscape

  • The Health Care Ecosystem: This session identifies the multitudes of role players in the "health industry landscape" and clarifies their position relative to industry structure, the various roles they play and how they relate to each other. We take the view of the health practitioner at the center of the interrelationships between the industry role-players and their patients.

Session Two: Understanding Individual and Group Behavior and the need for Change

  • This first part of a talk called "Organizational Hieroglyphics & Cracking the Code" shares a high level view of many of the elements that need to be considered when driving organizational and structural change - along with the individual and group behavior that comes into play. Using a multitude of symbols, logos and frameworks you will be enlightened and then empowered with an understanding of  how change and success happens and what you need to do to avoid sub-optimal outcomes. 

Session Three: Cracking the Code

  • This session will provide you with a high altitude view of the strategy playing field along with the elements, frameworks and tools required to craft a strategy for your business.

Session Four: Development of a Health Practice Business Model Canvas:

  • This is a highly interactive session where health practitioners are guided in co-creating a typical health practice business model canvas / blueprint. There are 9 fields in the blueprint will be explained and populated in a white board environment. Sharing the insights from multiple health professionals in this workshop environment provides accelerated learning along with the tools and understanding to tailor make your own unique strategy over time.


Two of the fields make provision for "Costs" and "Revenue". The Cost Drivers and Revenue streams are informed

by the strategy developed over the course of this masterclass. This then forms the basis for a follow up module where we build the Financial Model for your practice.

Day 2: Building the Strategy and Execution Model:

Session Five: Customer Profiling and Value Mapping:  

  • This is another interactive session where practitioners are taken through a process of distilling and understanding their customer profile. We then create a Value Map that brings everything together and clearly identifies your Value Proposition and areas focus and where to apply resources.

Session Six: Practice Value Creation and Strategy Execution:

  • This session brings together learning from the previous five sessions where we co-develop execution strategies that will be implemented at their practices with clear and tangible goals of increasing practice revenue. 

Duration: Two day course (with a total of 14 - 16 hours of interaction).

Learning Outcomes

The expected outcomes are a business blueprint for a health practice that can be implemented and should result in the efficient operation, development and growth of your health practice. 

Program Fee:   R4, 800 


Special offer for practice staff: R2, 400 **

** This special offer to practice admin staff forms part of our commitment to health practice "staff development" as we encourage health practitioners to bring their key staff members into these learning opportunities to quickly learn and share as a team. By bringing more people into the same learning environment we can assist in reducing the average course costs by 25% for 2 attendees and 33% for 3 attendees.

The program will be run over 2 consecutive days in select areas and times, based on the demand from any given area.

Alternately we could run 2 single day events about a month apart.

Keep an eye on our upcoming events page or send us a mail with your request. You can select a program based on your needs.

The program fees include study material and the templates required.

Refreshments: Teas, coffees, biscuits and water will be provided.

*Lunch and / or dinners can be arranged but will be subject to availability and will be charged for over and above the program fee.

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